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All you need to know about sauna belts :-

Being fat is bad. Doctors and health experts tell us that. Yes, of course it is not good to be overweight. The reason is simple, danger looms behind that excessive fat you carry! Your quality of life will deteriorate, heart diseases and diabetes start knocking at your door, premature death is likely to occur, the workplace will reject you, your cloth will not fit you and even small tasks like walking and tying shoes become too much of an effort for you. 

Sure that is not what you want your life to be like, it is not an ideal life to lead. Unfortunately, due to the genetic make-up of some people, gaining fat is inevitable. Apart from genetics, other factors like poor diet and lack of exercise may lead to overweight. Should you give up and plunge into depression when it occurs? No. That stated, over many decades different people have come up with different ways to try and banish this problem. One of such ways is the use of sauna belts. That opens the door to our next discussion.

What is a sauna belt?:-

A sauna belt is a device that was designed to be worn around the legs, waist, thighs or over the buttocks with the aim of losing weight and increasing muscle growth. A sauna belt is thick and its shape resembles that of weight lifting belts. Although the results attained after using the belts may not match up to the promises made in commercials, it has tremendous physical benefits. 
The belts are made from lightweight materials that are able to fasten with Velcro. When worn, the material stretches and holds to the area where it is applied. The belt is made to be extremely flexible hence easy to apply. Most belts currently on the market are either hand or machine washable. After using the belt, be sure to wipe it with a wet rag so as to prevent a buildup of sweat and dirt.

How does a sauna belt work?:-
There are three types of sauna belts: infrared, electric and battery operated. All the belts come with an adjustable heat control. Each of the belts have their own advantages owing to their designs. For instance, a battery operated sauna belt offers the use the ease of mobility while an infrared sauna belt allows the user to focus on a particular area and apply heat directly.

Generally, sauna belts are designed to work like mini-saunas. That is, they produce heat which causes the production of sweat at the applied area. Due to the excessive sweating, this belts lead to a more effective reduction of water weight as compared to the loss of fat tissue. Owing to the fact that wearing the belt will not cause any strain on the particular part of your body, burning a great amount of calories may not be achievable. Following that line of thought, a noticeable fat loss may not be realistic, but a few pounds will be downed through water loss. Additionally, the sweating leads to detoxification of body tissues hence cleansing your biological systems. Wearing the belts around your waist provides support to your back. This support enable the back to remain straighter during walking and standing. This enables you to stand taller hence giving the illusion of being thinner.

Heat application is known to reduce pain by warming up the muscles hence increasing relaxation and flexibility. When the muscles are relaxed and flexible, better blood flow occurs. And since sauna belts will constantly supply your body with constant heat, you can use them a hassle and tussle free back pain relief. When experiencing mild pain apply it for 15 to 20 minutes and up to 2 hours when the pain is intense.

How are sauna belts used?:-

Since you have the ins and outs of sauna belts demystified it will be prudent to now get the instructions on how to use this great product. Below is a guide on how to get the best out of this products.

First, place the belt around your area of choice-stomach, hips, wait or buttocks making sure that it is securely placed. Use the Velcro on the belt for adjustment until you are comfortable. Remove all the creases and folds but make sure the belt is not tightly stripped on your body.

Secondly, set the temperature to the maximum or a figure close to maximum which you can stand for five minutes. Reduce the setting after five minutes to a comfortable level. At this point check your body for any signs of sweating. No signs of sweat? Then you have reduced the temperature to a very low value therefore you need to increase it. To burn more calories, it is recommended you move around while wearing the belt instead of just sitting. Wear the belt for 45 minutes after which you will dry yourself with a towel and wait for 15 minutes before showering, bathing or taking a cold drink.

For people with sensitive skin, it advisable to wear a T-shirt before using the belt to avoid skin irritation or skin burns. Also, it is not a good practice to overuse the belt. Wait for an adequate period of time within intervals of using the belt to give your skin time to return to its normal temperature and color.

Sauna Belt comes with 6 Months Warranty

Why should you go for a sauna belt? :-

Some people will claim that pills and medicine are a better weight loss choice. Everybody has a right to their own opinion but sauna belts are a much more inexpensive weight loss choice. It can be comfortable worn during exercises and even while running errands like cleaning the house. in summary, a sauna belt provides muscle, joint and back pain relief, burns calories, improves blood circulation, detoxifies the body etc.

Nothing is perfect, and this belts are not an exception. It is important to note that sauna belts are not a medical remedy and therefore it will be wise to ask your physician in case of any doubts. Proper diet and a healthy lifestyle have always been the best practices against excessive fat. This belts should just be a compliment



By: Felix|2010-12-16|felix-lo@hotmail.com
From : Sucre ( Bolivia )

Steam saunas, though not curative, have been known for years to provide relief from many of life\'s uncomfortable physiological problems. Infrared sauna therapy is, however, an underused treatment which will do far more than simply cause us to perspire.

By: JD Hoopes|2011-01-13|

From : Vientiane ( Laos )

If you have been looking at purchasing a sauna you already know about the numerous health benefits that come from having
your own sauna. Many people
buy a sauna because it helps provide relaxation benefits, but
't forget about the many other health benefits.

By: Peter nash|2010-12-25|nashpeter123@comcast.net/

From : Amsterdam ( Netherlands )

Think about how pleasing it
might be to continuously look forward to using an infrared sauna. One ideal place to have an infrared sauna in your house is somewhere fairly close to a shower. Upon waking, amongst the first
things you might want to do is first get a quick shower

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