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By: Dane|2010-12-18|dane456@gmail.com

From :sydney (australia )

A home sauna is a small room in your house that is made to produce dry or wet heat. Generally the traditional wood or the electric stove heats the sauna but in this new introduction, the Far infrared heater helps in heating the sauna. These infrared heaters heat the people and the material in the sauna unlike the traditional sauna which heats the air.

By: Mandy Morrison|2010-03-30|Mandy-Mor@altavista.com/

From : Budapest(Hungary)

Saunas have always been a relaxing way to spend a few minutes but there's much more to it than that. Years ago it was also recognized as a therapeutic approach to relieving stress and sweating out toxins. We now are more informed and our use of the traditional sauna carries with it the benefit of not only relaxation but improved health.

By: Elsdon|2010-10-07|lovetaker@rediff.com

From : madrid(spain)

Sauna suits range from PVC plastic material, to Vinyl, to Vinyl sewn in with cotton, to neoprene. sauna suits have been used in both competitive sports to cut weight to meet weight class requirements as well as in gyms to aid people in every day weight loss. Everlast PVC plastic sauna suit-$20- This type of sauna suit is the original that started it all, so credit is given where credit is due.

By: Piero|2011-01-01|piero98@yohoo.co.in

From : Utrecht ( Netherlands )

There is something luxurious and appealing about spending time in a sauna. One of the more popular options in trendy and upscales salons, saunas are renowned for their therapeutic value. Time in a sauna can be a tranquil and relaxing experience. It offers a dry heat which is reported to cleanse the soul as well as the body.

By: Felix|2010-12-16|felix-lo@hotmail.com

From : Sucre ( Bolivia )

Steam saunas, though not curative, have been known for years to provide relief from many of life\'s uncomfortable physiological problems. Infrared sauna therapy is, however, an underused treatment which will do far more than simply cause us to perspire.

By: JD Hoopes|2011-01-13|Hoopes_to_alive115.hotmail.com

From : Vientiane ( Laos )

If you have been looking at purchasing a sauna you already know about the numerous health benefits that come from having your own sauna. Many people buy a sauna because it helps provide relaxation benefits, but don\'t forget about the many other health benefits.

By: Peter nash|2010-12-25|nashpeter123@comcast.net/

From : Amsterdam ( Netherlands )

Think about how pleasing it might be to continuously look forward to using an infrared sauna. One ideal place to have an infrared sauna in your house is somewhere fairly close to a shower. Upon waking, amongst the first things you might want to do is first get a quick shower.

By: Mh Kalim|2010-12-31|kalim_hit476@gmail.com

From :

A sauna is a belt in which water is poured over hot rocks to produce steam. A sauna belt opens the pores of the skin, thereby releasing toxins and impurities from the blood. It increases blood circulation and induces physical as well as mental relaxation.

By: Heath Hidore|2010-10-21|hidorehath@yahoo.com

From :

We all know that a good sauna session is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. Sweating out all the unwanted toxins and improving your skin are just some of the benefits you can expect to receive when regularly using a sauna. Typically, traditional saunas create a heat source using wood, electric or gas to increase the temperature inside a sauna space.

By: Mike Horn|2010-03-29|mi67@hotmail.com

From :

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their homes more comfortable and appealing to them and the people which share the household. sauna kits make a good addition to a home, and also make a good fitness solution for those individuals that like to sit and relax while losing weight. If the home is equipped with a basement or sun room, then there is definitely room to install a sauna.

By: Allison Ryan|2009-03-30|ryanforall@.comcast.net

From :

The conventional sauna as a therapeutic treatment originated in Finland, where the freezing winds of north and frigid air are nearly constant. The sauna room is practically the only place where these modern day Vikings can take solace in the relaxing heat of steam. Scandinavians learned how to use a sauna quite early on.

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